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Friday, August 30, 2013

Do you see what I see?

If you are in a car, we can see you.  Unless you are in a super tinted vehicle or in the back of a creepy windowless van, we can see you.

The things people can see -

The Picker.
Yes.  THE PICKER.  We have all seen you.  The guy with his figure lodged up in a nostril for the whole commute. Dude!  I am stuck next to you on a tiny freeway.  I want to look at something else. ANYTHING ELSE, but sadly, you are in my line of vision and I am stuck looking at you and wondering if you have reached brain matter yet.  And then I have to wonder, does he have a tissue?  What the hell is he doing with that finger if/when it comes out of his nose? 

The Dancer.
The Dancer is the person who is rocking out THE WHOLE WAY.  I personally love the dancer. I AM THE DANCER!  To all the other Car Dancers out in the world, own that shit!  When you get caught car dancing (and you will.  Remember, we can see you) look back at the person that caught you and smile.  Let them know that you know that they know and just go with it.  The person will probably smile, unless they are dead inside.  I follow this smile up with a mental "You're welcome. Have a great day!"