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Friday, March 20, 2009


Man are nasty little creatures sent here to pick away at my skin and tournament me til the day I die!

Ok...after seeing that in writing, I may have been a wee bit over dramatic, and in truth, it is not ALL men, just one. One little man. One man out of millions that has been placed on this round little earth to drive me insane. No...I have no proof that this was his reason for being born, but sure has hell feels like it.

Maybe I am just in a snit and I am letting everything get to me today. Yeah...that could be it. But if by some chance you are out in the world, little evil man, and you read this....


ok....i take that back. Maybe not a pox, but a dang nasty paper cut!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I have come up with a plan. I was looking at this whole dating thing as a way to meet new people and to possible share what I have to go through, good and bad, with the world. And that was ok, but I needed to come up with something better.

And after saying yes to a date with a guy that is a lawyer, it hit me...I am going to go out with men that have jobs that most people hate! It's kinda like having a party with a theme and we all know how much I love a good themed party!!!!!

Now I just need to come up with a list of jobs that typically people kinda cant stand.

I have gotten cop out of the way and soon will be lawyer. Hmmmmm....whats next? Grave digger? I will have to give this new plan some thought :-)

Random Starbucks things...

While I was waiting for my coffee this morning (or my lil gift from God as I like to call it) I found myself zoning in on the people around me and the random conversations that they were having.

At the first table was a couple. This couple was younger, well dressed, bright eyed and newly married. Well, I take that back. The female at the table was bright eyed and looked ready for the day and the heavy conversation that followed, but the guy at the table looked like he just woke up and wanted to be doing ANYTHING else but having a conversation at Starbucks.

Now, here is the thing. The Bucks is not all that big, and the table that they were at was smack in the middle of the area where you stand to wait for coffee and the chick was LOUD. She could tell that I was looking at her (cuz that is what I do when eavesdropping) but she did not seem to want to chill on the volume at all.

She was mad at the dude (of course) because their schedules were off and he did not get up early enough in the morning to be with her and then there was something about her making the trip to Seattle, which she made sound like was equal to going to Africa or something. He on the other hand said nothing the whole time I was there and really just looked like he was sleeping wtih his eyes open. Hmmmm.....I wish could have stayed to see what the end result of that one was and to figure out why in the world that woman wanted someone to wake up early. I have no clue what was going on, but on this one, I pick the dudes side.

Next to them was a table of four men that all looked a tad bit on the hippie side and were have a sort of bible study. Not sure what it was that they were discussing, as they had the common sence to stay a bit quiet, but in any event it looked to be a heated conversation.

At the third table was a little old man, who I was pretty sure was doing the same thing that I was, and watching the people around him. I say this because when I looked at him, he winked at me....AWWWW...nice to see that the elderly can sit and be snarky about the world as well. I wonder how long he sat there...and if I he figured out what was going on with the young chick and the dude. I should have slipped him my card:-)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

It's been a while

After having a chat with the ex husband and filling him in on my dating adventures, it hit me that I had been slacking when it comes to my blog. Not that anyone really reads this, but if I have left you hanging...I am sooo very sorry!

Hmm...where did I leave off? I think that I am now up to dates 3 and 4.

Date 3 was someone that I was not going to go out with. Not that there was anything really WRONG with the guy, just the fact that he was a Cancer (I don't seem to get along too well on the romantic front with them, as I am one) and as Melanie so kindly pointed out after I showed her his profile, the last set of books that he read were the Left Behind books. be fair, if we were going by books alone, I am sure that I would not be anyone first choice seeing as the last books that I read were the Twilight set and since I am not 16, that may look odd...but whatever...they were dang good bite me! :-)

And to be honest, I would not have even really looked at the books read part, or taken note to the Left Behind thing, but after Mel kinda freaked out...well....I kinda bumped him down the list of people to date. Cuz if ya know know that someone uber churchy is just kinda not my type.

So, as I said, I was not even going to go out with him, but at the last minute I found myself with a free afternoon and in need of coffee, so I asked him to join me at starbucks. Turns out the guy is pretty nice, and if he is uber church dude....he did not show that on the first date. We ended up going from coffee to drinks and watching some b-ball. I will admit, I was shocked that we had a good time. I may or may not hang out with him again....not sure yet.

Date 4.

So far, I gotta tell ya...this guy is pretty cool and I am sure that my ex would love for me to get hooked up with this one. Coach at a high school and a history teacher. Has some kids. Been married. We went out for drinks and ended up closing the place down. We had a good time.

I ended up going out with him again this weekend. Nothing major. Just hung out at his house and watched some movies. With the exception of him trying to dry hump my leg (high school flashbacks...scary!) and having to eat meat with bones in it (shut up...I have issues) it was a good time.

So.....that would be my dating life so far. I have been way too busy trying to get really life (ya know, like getting ready for a burlesque show!) out of the way to go out on any more dates, but once I do....I WILL RUN AND TELL THE WORLD! :-)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Not as bad as the first one...

So date #2 was not nearly as bad as date #1 (thank you GOD!) but it was still lacking in the sparks department. Not that he was not a very nice, cute and charming man, just not the one for me. Truly, he was almost normal....and we all know that I NEVER SAY THAT! The only strange thing about the night was the fact that his ex wife had the same name that I do. Now, in all my 32 years on this little planet, that is the first time that I have had to deal with that...and it was kinda odd. I had a vision in my head of being call the "new Tamara" just like that sitcom on CBS...and I didn't really care for it all that much.

And while it was not a "match" it was a nice night and it did not leave me scarred for life!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Pre-Date #2

So I am continuing with my social experiment in the dating world with date number 2. I have no clue how this one is going to turn out, but lets hope it is better then the last one. EEEKKKK!
This one at least has the blessing of my best friend, whereas the last one she TOLD ME NOT TO GO. Yes Mel....I should have listened to you!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

And so it starts...

Since I use this blog as a way to chronicle the new things that are going on in my life, I may as well start blogging about my second entry into the Internet dating world. It is safe to say that the first go round was just....wrong. And while I did make some friends, I did not find true love and in the end, a stalker. GEE...FUN!
So the other day I thought that I needed to get out in the world again, and I signed up for one. Paid my membership fee and hoped for the best. So far...I have not found the best, but I am going to use this blog as a way to keep track of all that is going on. WHY? Cuz some of this stuff is just FUNNY. And in truth, if I don't purge it out of my system, then it will be stuck in my head forever and I really don't want that!

Date One:

While it started out ok, it went a hurry. Let me just start off by saying that the guy
was very nice on the phone and we did get along well. We had some things in common and had very easy conversation. So, based on that, I felt that it would be ok to go out for a drink.
So we sit down in the booth at a little place not too far from me and all is going ok. And when I say ok, I mean...JUST OK. Not anything earth shattering, so the next move on the part of the dude kinda left me freaking out. He got up to go to the bathroom, and leaned over the both, pinning me and wanted a kiss. REALLY? REALLY? I don't think he picked up the look of horror on my face, cuz when he came back, HE SAT ON MY SIDE OF THE BOOTH.! I sat pressed up as close as I could to the wall with my arms crossed over my chest in the in the international sign for "you are in my bubble" he took that as...Hey look...she wants me to try and rub her back, under her shirt. OH I MOST CERTAINLY DO NOT!
Finally, I had to call it a night, cuz I was getting tired of trying to move as far into the wall as I could...and hope that no one else was watching what was going on. He, as I knew he would, walked me to my car. I did my best to give him the quick thanks for the drink hug/combo open car door and jump in, but he was too quick for me, he went in for a kiss. ALL I COULD SEE WAS TONGUE COMING AT ME WHILE TRYING TO RAM INTO MY MOUTH. NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I made some comment about being a good girl and did my best to get away from the tongue serpent. And drove home. to say that date one, did not go as I would have liked it to. In fact, I think that I have to quit thinking about it as it is sending the shivers up my back. :cry: