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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Random Starbucks things...

While I was waiting for my coffee this morning (or my lil gift from God as I like to call it) I found myself zoning in on the people around me and the random conversations that they were having.

At the first table was a couple. This couple was younger, well dressed, bright eyed and newly married. Well, I take that back. The female at the table was bright eyed and looked ready for the day and the heavy conversation that followed, but the guy at the table looked like he just woke up and wanted to be doing ANYTHING else but having a conversation at Starbucks.

Now, here is the thing. The Bucks is not all that big, and the table that they were at was smack in the middle of the area where you stand to wait for coffee and the chick was LOUD. She could tell that I was looking at her (cuz that is what I do when eavesdropping) but she did not seem to want to chill on the volume at all.

She was mad at the dude (of course) because their schedules were off and he did not get up early enough in the morning to be with her and then there was something about her making the trip to Seattle, which she made sound like was equal to going to Africa or something. He on the other hand said nothing the whole time I was there and really just looked like he was sleeping wtih his eyes open. Hmmmm.....I wish could have stayed to see what the end result of that one was and to figure out why in the world that woman wanted someone to wake up early. I have no clue what was going on, but on this one, I pick the dudes side.

Next to them was a table of four men that all looked a tad bit on the hippie side and were have a sort of bible study. Not sure what it was that they were discussing, as they had the common sence to stay a bit quiet, but in any event it looked to be a heated conversation.

At the third table was a little old man, who I was pretty sure was doing the same thing that I was, and watching the people around him. I say this because when I looked at him, he winked at me....AWWWW...nice to see that the elderly can sit and be snarky about the world as well. I wonder how long he sat there...and if I he figured out what was going on with the young chick and the dude. I should have slipped him my card:-)

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