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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

It's been a while

After having a chat with the ex husband and filling him in on my dating adventures, it hit me that I had been slacking when it comes to my blog. Not that anyone really reads this, but if I have left you hanging...I am sooo very sorry!

Hmm...where did I leave off? I think that I am now up to dates 3 and 4.

Date 3 was someone that I was not going to go out with. Not that there was anything really WRONG with the guy, just the fact that he was a Cancer (I don't seem to get along too well on the romantic front with them, as I am one) and as Melanie so kindly pointed out after I showed her his profile, the last set of books that he read were the Left Behind books. be fair, if we were going by books alone, I am sure that I would not be anyone first choice seeing as the last books that I read were the Twilight set and since I am not 16, that may look odd...but whatever...they were dang good bite me! :-)

And to be honest, I would not have even really looked at the books read part, or taken note to the Left Behind thing, but after Mel kinda freaked out...well....I kinda bumped him down the list of people to date. Cuz if ya know know that someone uber churchy is just kinda not my type.

So, as I said, I was not even going to go out with him, but at the last minute I found myself with a free afternoon and in need of coffee, so I asked him to join me at starbucks. Turns out the guy is pretty nice, and if he is uber church dude....he did not show that on the first date. We ended up going from coffee to drinks and watching some b-ball. I will admit, I was shocked that we had a good time. I may or may not hang out with him again....not sure yet.

Date 4.

So far, I gotta tell ya...this guy is pretty cool and I am sure that my ex would love for me to get hooked up with this one. Coach at a high school and a history teacher. Has some kids. Been married. We went out for drinks and ended up closing the place down. We had a good time.

I ended up going out with him again this weekend. Nothing major. Just hung out at his house and watched some movies. With the exception of him trying to dry hump my leg (high school flashbacks...scary!) and having to eat meat with bones in it (shut up...I have issues) it was a good time.

So.....that would be my dating life so far. I have been way too busy trying to get really life (ya know, like getting ready for a burlesque show!) out of the way to go out on any more dates, but once I do....I WILL RUN AND TELL THE WORLD! :-)

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