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Friday, December 30, 2011

I ready for a kiss in the rain...or golf.

It’s the end of 2011 and the time when everyone starts making resolutions for the new year.  I just can’t do this.
Look, I know that I need to drop 20 pounds, but there is just no way that I am going to get this done in the month of January.  For one, I am lazy and two, I have no willpower.  So this resolution is just filled with too much pressure.  NO.THANK.YOU.

That being said…there is a few things that I would like to add to my 2012 TO DO LIST (yes, I am going to add that list here…duh)

Go to Disneyland
            I am 35 and have never been.  I think it is time.
Learn to golf
This one might be dangerous as I have no skill, aim or any depth perception.  Maybe I should re think this one to just…drive the golf cart?
Sky dive
            I hate heights, this seems a good way to get over that.
Play some sort of team sport
This might shock you since I seem so sporty and all, but I have never played any sort of team sport. 
Perform as Grace at least one last time
            I have spent a lot of money on rhinestones to not do it one last time
Experience an amazing kiss in the rain
            Yeah, random, but it’s my list, so I get to add whatever  I want.
OK….and maybe drop 10 pounds….after all, it is the new year and I think by law, I have to add that.

I doubt that I will get a chance to cross anything off this list, but…one can dream.

Here is to a wonderful 2012!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Bad dancing=fun mom. Who knew?

I often worry that I am a horrible mother.  Not like a crack head kind of mom, but not your conventional sort of mom.

On the weekends, I let my kids stay up too late.
I will not force them to eat vegetables that I would not eat (chances are high that I don’t even know how to cook them anyway).
I believe that if you are not leaving the house, jammies are fine to wear all day.
Popcorn can be a dinner item.
We have a family dance that I make my kids do in the car (all upper body, so completely appropriate for car dancing). 

Little quirky things.  Not enough that child protective services will come knock on my door, but enough that the boys might need counseling one day. 

Last night after watching Tron and having a rave like dance party with the boys (dance party is a common theme in my house) Coop looked at me and said, “You are a lot of fun.  Not like some of my friend’s moms!” 


Now, I am sure that this thought will change and what he thinks of now as fun will only be thought of as embracement and the term, “why are you trying to ruin my life?” will be said, but for now I will take that statement from last night as maybe I am not the worst mom in the world after all.  

Ya know, until next week when I send one of them to school with an empty lunch box that I grabbed off the counter while the full lunch box sits in the fridge….

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Random mom laughs

Let me just start off by saying that my dog is pretty great and hardly ever goes potty in the house...but he is a dog and they can have accidents from time to time. 

So tonight was a pretty normal night dinner, homework, hangout, showers, read and then off to bed.  We were on the shower and reading portion when  I walked into Cooper's room to see him standing on one foot with an odd look on his the middle of a very large puddle (we have hardwood floors, if that helps with the visual).
Me - "Coop, what's going on?"
Coop - "MOM!  I don't know.  I dried off after the shower, but I don't know how I got the floor this wet!  I don't know!"
Me - "That's not from the shower.  You are standing in the middle of dog pee"
Me - "Yeah, you are gonna want to take a second shower"

Times like that make me wish that I was a reality show and had cameras ruining 24/7..if only to capture the look on his face and to see him standing there like a flamingo.

After I stopped laughing (yes, I am THAT kind of mom that laughs at/with her kids) I got Coop and his room all cleaned up and off to bed.

Just a normal night....and I loved every second of it!