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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Need an idea....

I have not been blogging much these days.  I am guessing that is due to the fact that I have nothing AT ALL going on in my life that is worth writing about.  I started off doing this so I could write about being Grace and that adventure, but since I am no longer doing that, blogging about it just seemed wrong.  I could write about my upcoming move, but then I would have to follow that up with being drunk and a drunk written blog is just all that much fun.  But totally a good idea for a web thing (Jenna Marble style, but without the rat dogs at the end...oh and remind me to come back to her at some other time).

So while cleaning the shower last night after a healthy dose of NyQuil (the shower was dirty and I have a freaking head don't judge me!) I was trying to think of new topics to write about.  The usual list came to me; burgers, kids, dating...blah blah blah....


I would start writing about and posting photos of random creeper vans that I see around town!  SURE TO BE THE BEST BLOG OF ALL TIME!  Because we all know how I feel about the creeper van and how it is top on my list of things that should not still be around in 2012  (see some past blog post about this topic that I am too lazy to go and hunt down at the moment, but I am sure will change your life if you read it...ok....maybe not, but read it anyway).

As I was standing in my shower waiting for the scrubbing bubbles to magically clean my grout... I started to have second thoughts about this topic.

Do I really want to be  that close to a creeper van?
Photos might be an issue as I am either alone or with the kids.
Creeper vans seemed to have a close relationship with clowns.  I am not ready to go down the clown road.

CRAP.  This idea might have to go on the 'maybe' list for blogs.

Hmmm.....oh well.   I will give this some more thought and come up with something.  Something that will involve me touring around the city in search of random weird things... ( I am guessing that I will come up with this brilliant idea while drinking...just saying)    

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