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Friday, May 22, 2009

This weekend

I am going to take this weekend by storm..oh yes I am! It is all about trying new things, thinking outside the box and living a little. I was going to say living on the edge, but in truth that will not be the case as I will have crackhead A and B with me the whole time.

Not sure yet what we are going to do...but I want it to be something that we never do. I am sure to keep you posted on what we come up with.

As for myself, and when I do not have the lil bits...GOODNESS i need to get out of a rut and do lots of things that I have never done.

Well...within I have never been to jail either, but til the best friend moves back to Portland...I am going to keep that off the list.

Maybe time to get a new tat??????

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