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Monday, August 10, 2009

Bus stop

My office used to be in a nice and quiet little area of Northwest Portland. Tree lined and mellow, about the only crazy thing that went on was the siren of the EMT as it zoomed to the old folks home that was crossed the street. So fast forward to our new office location...on the corner of crack and methhead. It is safe to say that this location has a bit more action! We still have the sound of the sirens, but lets double that by about 100 as we are just up the street from the EMT main office. Also, we are just kitty corner to the local drunk that is some fun just waiting to happen! that you know the general history of this location...let me take a moment to talk about the bus stop that is just outside of my window. There are some CHOICE people who hang out at this bus stop. I am not sure where they go or where they come from, but while they are waiting at the this corner stop...they are a snazzy group!
Just a few things that I have noticed while working and taking a sneak peek at the bus stop. Men love to go shirtless. And it is never a hot, six pack looking kinda dude...oh no! It is ALWAYS the kinda dude that is missing MANY teeth and has a beer belly that would put 9 month pregnant women to shame. Oh yes, these are some FINE men! FINE!
I am thinking of starting up something called the "bus stop blog" and posting some pics of these people cuz really, why should I keep all this goodness to myself?

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