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Monday, March 29, 2010

Do I suck as a parent?

I was thinking the other day about my skills as a parent, or maybe lack of skills. Ok, kids are still young and I am sure that I have many years left to mess them up, but as it stands now...I fear I suck.

Here is a brief list as to why:

1- After seeing the movie, The Proposal with me the other night, Cooper cannot stop singing "To the windows, to the walls, to my balls!" and laughing like a mad man when done. Yes, I know that the Lil John song is really not one a 5 year old should be belting out, but I am not going to lie...IT'S FUNNY! Like...way funny. And cute (trust me if you saw him doing it, as he adds this little hand's cute!) as hell! Something in me tells me that I need to put the stomp down on this little song, but I just can't!

2- I will openly admit to letting the boys eat ceral for dinner. The box says it's healthy, so leave me alone! Just saying

3- After reading a friends facebook post about voodoo being in a new Disney movie and having to FW through those parts, I thought "What’s the big deal about that?" I guess my thinking is...IT'S A DISNEY MOVIE...not some cult film or that strange movie with Lisa Bonne from the 90's. How voo-doo'ish is this movie really gonna be? that is the list for the moment, but I am sure that I have many more things to add...and I will...when I can remember them all.

So, do I suck as a mom or am a letting my kids grow up to people who make their own choices and love to laugh at the world around them???

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