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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Oh Derby, I love you...but you scare me!

I have not done too much with my "Try new things in 2010" quest that I started in January.  To be honest, I've done next to nothing with the one exception being the Roller Derby.  Again, I want to clarify...I AM NOT A DERBY GIRL.  As previously posted, I am too much of a wuss for that.  I am however, just right the amount of wuss to be a volunteer for the Derby.


The first two bouts that I helped out at were pretty mellow.  The first one I just spent the whole time standing in front of the exit door making sure that in case of a fire...I got the hell out first!  The second one they tossed me in the mix of checking people in and making sure all was right in the world of the VIP.  LOVED IT! is where I have to tell you that on  Monday of last week I tripped over the dog and ate some major door jam with my face.  While not pretty in the normal the derby world it was AWESOME. So much so that when I worked the scrimmage on Friday night, I got asked who I skated for. YES. ME!  Multiple people asked ME that question..HEHEHE.

Ok, back to the derby...

On Friday I worked the scrimmage (black eye and all) and once again had to stand in front of the exit door.  AND ABOUT 100 BOXES OF BACONNAISE!  What may you ask is this BACONNAISE?  Bacon flavored mayo...DUH!  Ok, really my job was to just watch the door, but the boxes were in front of the door and it was not like I was going to move a pallet of boxes, so it looked as if I was there to guard the Baconnaise. TEEE HEEE!  That was a fun night!

I was also signed up to work the Saturday bout the next day. COOL!  This bout had me working the front check in again, but this time outside.  With my purty black eye and jaundice causing yellow volunteer shirt, I was the first thing that people saw when they got to the derby. YOU KNOW I LOVED IT!

I was working for a while and doing my job when some random dude came up to me and yelled out "Hey, you are Baconnaise Girl!"  UM....WTF?  Dude, are you high?  No.  Well, he might have been, but in this case, he was correct...I was Baconnaise Girl.  Turns out that a pic from the night before had made it up on the web of me and my precious jar of Baconnaise.  Who knew that I would be a celeb after a night at the derby?????  Well, not really, but in my little world it was pretty dang cool!

I love the derby!!!!   If any of you get a chance, you should check it out sometime as it is great fun and you never may get some free Baconnaise out of it!      

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