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Monday, May 3, 2010

Online dating = HELL

I am not sure how online dating is affecting the self esteem of the single these days, but it can’t be good.

As you all may know, I did a brief tour of hell, or as you may call it, online dating. It sucked. And I am over it…way over it, but for some unknown reason, I keep getting emails from the stupid dating site that I was a part of. It could be my fault. I will fully admit to that. I went on to the site and cancelled my membership and I thought that would be the end of it. Hmmm….not so much. It would seem that my profile is still on there and for the life of me I cannot remember my password so that I can go on there and delete all traces of myself. I will add that to my ever growing list of “to do’s” for this weekend…someone remind me if I forget.

Anyway. So every few days I get some email from the site “HE CHOSE YOU!” “YOU PROFILE IS GETTING A LOT OF ATTENTION!” or my personal fave “MR. RIGHT HAS CONTACTED YOU!” What is one to do with those sorts of emails? Do I prance around the house doing my wiggly butt happy dance, secure in the knowledge that I soooo rock and that Mr. Right has found me? Um…no. I think not as that would be letting this whole stupid thing go to my head. In fact, it got me to thinking …does the website send you an email every few day in case no one is looking? Does it say something like “DON’T WORRY….MR. RIGHT IS JUST NOT LOGGED ON AT THE MOMENT” or “TRY CHANGING YOUR PROFILE…HERE DO THIS!” or “HEY, YOU WILL FIND A MAN THAT LOVES CATS!” I am really not sure, but I am worried by this. What is this sort of thing doing to the self esteem of those who may not get many hits on a dating website???

And ok…you all know me…I am not all that hot and it is not like men are beating down my door to woo me (as I am tragically single), but I did make sure to put up a somewhat cute-ish photo and make sure to sound like a total goof ball in by bio. Well…because I am a good ball and really, sitting there and talking about how great I am just seemed silly!

Either way….online dating is like the 10 level of hell and I do not wish it upon my worst enemy…even if you are hold a cat in your profile photo!

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