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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I am going to be like Roseann Bar when she sang at that baseball game...I just know it!

I am not 100% sure when it started, but at some point I became the proud new owner of horrible stage fright. Yeah…I know…shocking, but it’s true. Seriously…stop laughing. It’s a real thing!

I know that if you were to see me at a bar being all chatty and whatnot, you would call bullsh*t on the stage fright, but you put me in front of a crowd and ask me to give a speech or sing…and I would rather face a firing squad. ACK!

As my best friend was just so kind to point out to me, I have been in front of crowds and I did just fine. Well, yes. True. But the thing about that was…my competitive nature took over and at that point it was all about beating the drunk as girl who had, only moments before, been crawling around on the floor of the bar (I sure hope she was up to date on her tetanus) and challenged me. In case you are wondering, yes it DID involve me taking off my top in a bar…but I WON…and that is all that matters. Oh…and as my best friend pointed out, I was sober when I did it.

Anyhow…sorry…I got a bit sidetracked on that. My point I was trying to make was that I can not get in front of a crowd and do anything worthy to human society (taking my top off at Dantes does not count as worthy!).

A while back I mentioned this to someone that I had just met, who happened to be a singer. We joked about hitting up a karaoke bar, drinking way too much and chasing my stage fright far far away. All in good fun, as I thought that it was just random bar talk and that I would not REALLY have to follow through with it.

FLASH FORWARD TO TODAY: Let it be known that via txt at 9:30am on May 18, 2010, I just agreed to go out tomorrow night and try my hand as some horrid karaoke. DOUBLE ACK. Just the thought of it has be all sweaty and feeling all sorts of nasty in the tummy region. I am taking that as not being a good sign.

Would now be a good time to tell the dude that there is no amount of Jameson in the world that will get me to do that or should I just wait and do that speech in person? Maybe Dantes will be open and I can just talk him into letting me take my top off in front of random bar people??


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