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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Guys like the socks...

Since I have not gotten any new knee highs in a while, and I don’t want to post the same old photos, I decided to not post any new sock of the day photos for a while.  I got a few “NOOOO” comments and not only did that make me laugh, but it got me thinking….what is it with guys and the socks.  I have female friends who like the socks as well, and I love that they think of me when they see some cool knee highs.  That I understand.  The guys, nope…I don’t get that one (but I am often clueless about sexy things). 

Guys like the socks.   

I will be out and run into friends and they will ask if I have knee highs on (most often, the answer is yes). If I don’t post a photo for a while, I will get a message asking why.  There has even been talk of leaving the socks on in certain private moments (the answer to that one is NO!  I think that’s weird).  The socks have kinda taken on a life of their own.  

Guys like the socks.  But I have no idea why! 

Ok…I can see the whole naught school girl, knee high, short skirt thing. Or even the short shorts, knee high thing that Chrissie was rocking in the 1980’s on Three’s Company.  Those looks can be hot. 

I am not sporting those looks.  Ever! 

Here are some facts about the socks and sock of the day pic…

While it may look like it in some photos, I am not just hanging around my house wearing nothing but knee highs.  Sorry.  I’m just not.  It’s winter. It’s cold and shit. 

On that same note, I am not wearing the socks with short skirts (catholic school girl or otherwise).  Most of the time I am wearing them at work, under respectable work cloths or with jeans and sneakers.  Yup, nothing says sexy like some argyle socks and some Chucks and or Addidas sneakers. To me, this says, I am cold and can’t walk all that well in heels.  Or I am cold, can’t walk well in heels and I am a dork. 

I hate my legs and try and keep them covered at all times.  Socks are great for that. 

My socks are boring.  Truth.   I wear the same type of socks all the time.  Stripes. Argyle. Polka dots.
In the sock world, I am a buttoned up Republican.  

Ok…now that I have moved the curtain and let you take a peek at the great and powerful Oz of  The land of Knee High…do you still find it all that sexy? 

Maybe I should start a something else of the day pic?  Something random like old school scrunchies?

Or maybe I’ll just update my knee highs…..


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