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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Damn you, NetflixAmazonHuluPlus!

I have been keeping a secret list.  One that I am not proud of.  The numbers on this list are embarrassingly high. 

This list is shameful and I am almost too embarrassed to admit what is on this list to the world (or the 4 people that read my blog).


The list of TV shows that I have completed over the last two months.  And not just a random show here and there…completed the series…ON ALL OF THEM. :hangsheadinshame: 

Not proud.  Even less of a proud moment when I took the time to write the list out (hey, I had to do something while I was sitting at home watching all these shows). 


10 Items or less
Retired at 35
Best Food Ever
Bobs Burgers
I Married a Mobster
Sons of Tucson
Hot In Cleveland
Ink Master
Best Friends Forever
Parks & Rec
The League
Happily Divorced
The Exes
United States of Tara
Melisa & Joe
Jane By Design
Drop Dead Diva
Traffic Light
Friends With Benefits
The Fabulous Beakman Boys
Good Guys
Baby Daddy
How to be a Gentleman
My Boys
Extreme Couponing
Friday Night Lights

Yep…still full of shame.  And it’s not so much the time spent watching these shows, but the shows themselves.  Mellissa and Joey?  REALLY?  ACK.   I can never claim to have any street cred after admitting to that little jem.   

 My one and only defense is that I don’t sleep much.  And yes, I guess I could have been using this time to figure out world peace or find a cure for cancer, but I am pretty sure that those two things can’t be done while wearing flannel jammies.

Hmmm.....what show should I add to that list this week?

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