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Monday, September 9, 2013

Did they just say that?

Years ago, I posted about my hatred for the term, 'hanging out'.  That was later replaced with the super irritating saying, 'hooking up'.  Yesterday, a whole new bundle of craptastic hit my world, 'activly fucking'.


What the hell does that even mean?

**For the sake of not wanting to offend anyone, I will just use AF for the rest of this post. See, I'm nice like that**

I had to give this saying some thought. 

First, f******, is a verb, a doing word,  so I am not sure that actively really needs to placed in front of it.  Shouldn't currently be a better choice?

Second, what happens when you are not 'AF' status?  Do you get switched to not actively f******, or NAF?  How do you even use this in conversation?  "Yeah, at the moment we are not actively f*****, can you pass the salt?"   It sounds like you have been benched or something.  If there were to be a fantasy sex league, would AF or NAF be categories for player???

I am guessing that I will have to post on this subject again later. 


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