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Monday, July 19, 2010

Waldorf and Statler Summer Music Tour Part One

My original plan for this summer was music, music, music and more music. So much music that I had a name for it – The Waldorf and Statler Summer Music Tour. I am sure you have a few questions at this point, so let me take a moment to break it all down for you:

Waldorf and Statler – The two grumpy old dues from the Muppet Show. Also the name

that my best friend and I use to describe how we are when we are together.

My best friend was going to be home this summer from NYC (where she has lived for far

too long) and she was going to travel with me (oh…BTW…I am Waldorf in this whole

thing…if it matters to anyone) and we were going to hit up local dives to hear local craptastic groups.


And like most of my crazy, dreamt up late at night plans…it never happened.

Due to (god hating me) circumstances beyond Statlers control, she was unable to move back home as planned, and had to push that back a few months. Also (after much crying on my end) there might be a trip planned out to see her…so really…it will all work out in the end.

So I decided that this summer of music would just have to go on without my trusty partner in crime and this weekend was the kickoff to The Waldorf and Statler Summer Music Tour….well…sorta as it was just me, but I think you get that by now.

I started off the tour with a trip out to the Edgefield to see The Avett Brothers. And while I am known for being a bit of a smart ass and critical…I have not one negative comment to say about this show or this band. Yes, I know…hell just might have frozen, but really…THEY WERE THAT GREAT! I will admit to being a new fan of the band and not knowing some of the older songs that they did, but that was not really much of an issue as even the songs that I did not know where awesome and they KILLED IT! The band had high energy from start to finish and had the whole crown on their feet for the whole show (the show was outside and it was hot, so that is saying something!)

If I had never heard one of their songs, I would have been a huge fan after seeing the show..that is how good it was!

The second stop on the tour was immediately following The Avett Brothers show, but at a different location. This gig took us (and not us as in W&S, but I dragged a derby friend along with me. Poor girl didn’t have a choice really as I was driving!) to NW Portland and a lil bar called Slabtown. Now, I will admit to being a fan of the dive bar, but this was not a place that I had ever been to and if it weren’t for the fact that my friend was playing in the band, I don’t think that I would have EVER gone to. But…location is really not the point of this. The band was the point and that is what I am getting to.

The band was The Madison Concrete and simply put—THEY WERE AWESOME. True…I know the lead singer, so I went into the show knowing that it would be good, but after watching them and seeing how the crowd reacted to them, it was honestly just a great show. The music is a rocking/soul kind of thing with some covers that we all know and love, but by no means was this a mellow show. The band was moving and working just as hard as the crowd. A good sweaty time was had by all and I will make sure to add them to more tour stops!

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