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Friday, August 20, 2010

I could be a ninja with a small dog in a sweater...

In case you don’t know me—I’m white. German, Irish and Norwegian. Pretty sure that makes me like SUPER WHITE with the amazing ability to drink whisky and thanks to the Irish side, get a little mouthy when I do. (In case someone is reading this blog that I have recently offended while partaking in the Jameson, I am sorry, but in my head, it was all in great fun. In my head does not always translate well to the world around me)
The other day I was txting a friend of mine who said “I am Asian, don’t make me break out my ninja skilz!”

OHHHHH…Instant jealousy! I am white, and therefore, have no ninja skilz to speak of. :SADTAMARA: Then it got me to thinking…what could I claim as a super awesome skill due to my ethnic origin?

DUDE? What cool skilz do us while people have???? It took me a really long time, but here is the short list that I came up with and let me just tell you…I would much rather have NINJA on my resume.

1-The ability to clear the dance floor due to bad dancing.

2- Sporting a screaming angry red sunburn.

3-Walking around town with no shame when screaming angry red sunburn starts to peel and you look like a molting animal.

4-The talent for watching NASCAR.

5-Thinking that Jell-0 can be served as a salad if you add fruit to it.

6-Dressing dogs in sweaters.

If I ever send you a txt that reads, “I am white, I can dress a dog in a sweater!” …please come find me and smack me. Thank you in advance~

But a dog in a ninja outfiit would be ok, yes?

Hmm...on second thought-no.  That would not be ok either.  And for the record, this is not my dog.  I stole the image off of the net..and the poor little thing looks more like Hanibal Lecter in that facemask thing then a happy lil ninja dog.  Just saying.

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