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Friday, August 27, 2010

I might need a bib

I turn into a babbling terdball when I am nervous. No. Really. Trust me on this one.
I turn read
Spill things on me
Say stupid things
I am sure the list could go on, but I think that you get the picture. Along with all that, when I am nervous I find that I fall into my default position of super smart ass. I can’t help it. It just is…like breathing. Now, I will admit that from time to time, this has worked out in a positive way. I have managed to be just the right amount of smart ass and funny that people have enjoyed it and I end up being told that I should do stand up comedy (never would, but thank you bruised ego). Other times…um….well….I kinda just look like a bitch. Not my intention, but it just seems to work out that way.
Why am I babbling on about all this? DUDE….do I ever really have a reason for babbling? No. But today I do :-)

I have a bit of a situation. SORRY…I was watching the Jersey Shore last night and felt that I needed to work that in there somehow!

Ok…not really a situation, but I have an event that I am attending tonight and I have a feeling that due to the circumstances, I will fall into default smart ass mode and tonight, it will not come off as a stand up comedy routine. THIS I AM SURE OF. It will be bitch mode. ALL.THE.WAY.

Now my problem is-how do I avoid this? Deep breathing? Not talking? Drinking?
Hmmm…none of those really seem like a good option in this situation (ok…I giggle now whenever I use that word-is that wrong?) and I fear that everything that I do will backfire on me-tragically.

Ok…at least I have gotten my fear of tonight out in the world (thank you blog world, so much cheaper then therapy) and I can try and be aware of it and try and just be me. Although I will not pack anything messy, as I am sure I will spill something on me!

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