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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Cowboy Boots, Thrift Shop, Cooper and PBR

The Heist is Cooper's new favorite CD.  NO JOKE.  It started off with him loving Thrift Shop so much that he went on YouTube and looked up his other videos.  He also loves And We Danced, and let me tell you how funny it is to hear him sing it (complete with 1980's British accent).

I had a random Sat that was just Cooper and I, and it involved a lot of driving, so I grabbed this CD  (Yeah, I am old school like that...and I have no idea how to make my phone play in my new car) and we headed out on an adventure....and played this ALL DAY LONG. (I am not gonna lie, we had fun!)
Ok, so this might not be the best music to play for an 8 year old boy.  That fact is not lost on me.  I know there are some bad words and some topics that he might not get, but I have always told him that if there is something that he does not understand, to ask and the bad words are fine in a song....just don't go singing it at school or while at church with Grandma!
His top songs from the CD are as follows -
Thrift Shop
White Walls
Same Love
*he also likes a few that he found on YouTube, but are not on The Heist, so he has requested that I get those on a "mix" for him ASAP.  How can a mom say no to that?

So, this was Sat...ALL DAY in the car with this CD. (Yes, there was a lot of car dancing. Duh!)

Skip ahead to Sunday.  I was in the living room doing something with Kel and Coop was in the kitchen.  He starts singing this song, but just the part, "Time goes slow when you're drinking PBR!"  Maybe it was the fact that he was really feeling it or he followed up his singing by saying to me, "Man, I need to drink some PBR.  That way the weekend would go slower"...I lost it!  I was laughing so hard, that I had tears rolling down my cheeks.  Once I was able to talk again, I told him that PBR was beer and that he might not want to say to to anyone else.

So once again, I am here thinking about my parenting choices and thinking that some of them might not be totally conventional, but as long as my kids are good, smart, respectful and funny....I don't think that I am going to worry about it too much.  But I do promise to keep the PBR away from Cooper!

**I have also done my time with the Wiggles, Raffi, Laurie Burkner and every other type of kid music.  I have not always been a bad mom!

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