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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Nice day for a white wedding dress...

I have a 80's Labyrinth Masquerade Ball coming up that I have offered to volunteer for, so now I need a costume.  I have the mask, so that is all taken care of, but since I can't go naked (and who would want that?) I need to now come up with a dress.  A ballgown sort of thing...I think.

At the moment all of my money is going to pay for summer camps for the it's time for me to get creative.  I knew I had an old bridesmaid dress around the I went on the hunt.

In the bottom of the closet in the 'time to go to goodwill' pile I found the dress.  It needs to be altered and made 'pretty' and I honestly have no idea of how to do that as I really don't know how to sew, but I will figure that out later.

Under that pile I found my wedding dress as I had to put it on. Ya know...if only to make the boys laugh at me for being silly.

Here are a few things that I learned last night-

1-If I get married again, I am wearing a hat.  No real reason, I just think it looks cool.  The groom and all the wedding party can rock one as well.  The photo's will look amazing!

2- Wedding dresses really do have a lot of fabric.  Crazy as mine did not really have a train or anything, just a bit of extra fabric in the back.

3-Something about putting on a wedding dress always makes you feel pretty.  Even though I had no make up on, was feeling fat, was wearing knee high socks, had to step over a dog and was in my living room filled with laundry and kids....I still felt pretty.  Not sure if it was the dress or remembering how I felt in it on my wedding day.

4-Kellen is amazing!  When I walked into the living room with the dress on, after he rolled his eyes, he said to me..."Hey Mom!  You should wear that in an act about a girl that got dumped!"  DUDE....the kid is scary...but he is sooooo spot on (must now find perfect song!).

I have no idea why I still have the dress as it was not one that I had ever planned to pass down to my daughters...that I don't have and not like I am going to wear it again (if I do get married again, it will be outside, on a beach with a light dress...just saying) but it was fun to put it on last night and dance around the house for a little while.  And the memories that it brought back were welcomed as well.  I know my marriage did not work out, and the wedding might not have been what I had dreamed about, but it was an amazing weekend in Vegas with friends and family.  I said that I wanted to gamble in my wedding dress...and that I did!

Here is a random back pic of me in the dress and hat combo from last night.  You can't see it in this photo, but the back of the dress is really low cut and at the time (I was a bit larger) was super out of my comfort zone!  Maybe one day I will dig out the wedding photos and take you all on a trip down memory lane :)

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