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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Jameson-It's how you make friends!

Once a month I get up while it is still dark out and make my way to work for an early morning meeting.
But it's only once a month and I have been doing this for a long time, so I don't mind.
Part of my duties for this meeting is to pick up snacks for the MD's that attend this meeting.  I have tried to go healthy on them, but in the end they want donuts, so donuts they shall have.
I always go to Delicious Donuts.  And if you are in Portland and have never been, you are missing out and you need to go.  I know that Voodoo is the place that most people hit up, but I just don't think that they are all that good and I am not sure how happy my old school docs would be if I showed up with a box full of donuts shaped like penises.
At 5:30 in the morning it's usually just me and the cop that hangs out there, but this morning there was a younger couple in front of me.
She was your typical Portland white hippy chick.  She did  not have that funky hippy patchouli smell (but I have a cold and can't breath, so maybe she did) but she had the strange white person dreads and that long patchwork hippy dress that they all wear.  BTW...where the hell do they all get those?  Is there some hippy mart or a van selling clothes that I am missing out on?  Yeah...I am ok with that.  Her boyfriend looked like a trust fund baby with designer jeans and a Gucci man purse. DUDE...they were the strangest looking couple ever.
But I started chatting with them as my donuts were being boxed up, and they were nice.
Trust fund boy was asking me where I worked and why I was there so early.  I told him that I had to run a meeting for some MD's...yada yada yada.
He made a comment about how it was super early and I was all in the donut shop with wet hair.
At that point I made some funny comment about how usually at this time in the morning I am just getting home from the bar...or ya know...getting up early to go to church (depending who reads this blog).
He made a comment about how I looked like too nice of a girl to ever drink.
WHAT?  Wet hair and business attire say that?  Who knew???
I told him that was sweet, but that I was a whiskey girl.  He yelled out "Me too! Jameson!"

Well, we all know my love for that!  I told him that is what I drank as well. is the funny part.  And this is not the first time it has happened and I am never sure as to why guys say this.

He yells out..."I will out drink you and your Jameson any day!"

Is that a good thing? You either are going to prove that you are a alcoholic or make me puke, as I never back down from a challenge.  Either way, I always think that is an odd statement to say to someone that you met 12 seconds ago.

Even the odd hippy girl gave him a strange look.  Or she was making googly eyes at her breakfast burrito.  Hard to tell with white hippy girls.        

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