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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Hit me with your best shot...of Patron before you sing again!

Wednesday night + Candy + Jameson + Karaoke  = my old ass hurting today!

Did I mention that I sang last night?  As in actually in front of other humans and not just in front of my kids who are forced to listen to me as they are too young to leave the house solo (perk to being the mom).
Did I mention it was bad?  Oh yeah, really bad!  We all know that I can't sing and have a fear of singing in public, so I was a bit shocked when I found myself on stage with a mic in my hand.
I was even sober...well...kinda sober at that moment, although I am sure that the unlucky people in the bar were wishing that they were *swisteddrunk after having to listen to me.
I should have bought them all a shot...NOTE TO SELF-buy all the people that were there a shot the next time I see them.  And maybe send Pat Benatar flowers or something to say sorry for butchering her song.

Bad singing also brought her cousin to the party, bad white people dancing.
Um...yeah, I will take the blame for the bad dancing as well.  Complete with that stupid white girl 'dance face' (I saw the photos)...dead sexy!

And I am not sure if I was in a mosh pit at any point in time last night, but I hurt today!  How can it be that a night out of dancing hurts more the next day then if I went on a run?  I don't think I was all that crazy of a dancer last night, but my body feels like I was doing the worm all night long.
Maybe that is the Universe trying to tell me that my old ass white girl self either needs to get back in shape, or leave the dancing to the young ones.

Either way, it was a fun night.  A much needed fun night full of smiles and good people.

BTW--- next time, it's the Pina Colada have been warned!

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