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Thursday, June 23, 2011

I would like to return this hart to the wizard...

People never give me gifts, so when an early birthday present came in the mail containing concert tickets, I was inclined to partake in the happy butt wiggle dance.


The emo girl part of me. She took over. is the thing about the tickets-they were from someone that I once really cared about.  Fuck it, not gonna lie...full on over the moon school girl puppy dog crush.  And the tickets were to go and see a show by a performer who has CD after CD of mushy type, I love you, could you love me...blah blah blah kind of songs.  And I know this as I had JUST downloaded his new CD like two days before the tickets showed up in my mail box.
SIDENOTE: Dude, we have not spoken in months and months...and you get me tickets to someone that I just got the CD for?????  Creepy random connection, Batman.

Oh....and was Tesla or Yanni or John Tesh or just about ANYONE else playing in Portland around the prime Birthday gift giving time?   Help a girl out here to try and avoid the emo, lets listen to this love song over and over again and try to forget the fact that I am single and all alone and planning out how I am going to buy 35 cats without anything thinking it's weird while you are happy with your girlfriend...yeah...lets try and not bring that girl out in to the world.

Well, that is not me now, but last was soo me.  I am going to blame the full moon and just leave it at that.  This week....Tamara the non emo tough girl is in full effect.  Can you feel all that badassness coming at ya???? :)


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