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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

To give or not to give...


To give a gift or to not give a gift...that is the question.  And a question that kinda sucks at this time of year.

At the core of my being..I am a gift giver.  But at this time of year, being a giver can make you look like an ass, when you are really only trying to be nice.  I have a way of making mental notes during the year of random things that people say they are into or want.  IT IS JUST WHAT I DO.  So, when prime gift giving time comes around, I am READY.  The issue of assness comes into play when you give a gift to someone who really had no idea that you were going to play Santa.  You make them feel bad and then in turn you feel bad and that just leads to heavy drinking...and well...just your basic downward spiral of hating the world. And do I really need to hate the world more then I already do?  No.  Probably not.

And on a selfish note--It makes me feel a bit unloved.  While I know that it is always better to give then to get...once in a while it would be nice to get something in return!  BUY A GIRL A COFFEE--I AM NOT PICKY.  Sorry...small vent out of the way...we can all move on now!

Hey is your warning.  If I show up with a gift, just pretend to adore me.  Ok?  Thanks!

**PS....This is high on my list this year (as well as anything else that comes in a lil blue box from Tiffany's or Coach) A girl can dream!
i need a bit of luck for 2011!


  1. OK since it is going to turn in heavy drinking just give booze as gifts and you will have many people to drink with. Don't be so specific on the jewelry company, you never know! Happy Holidays As far as buying a girl a drink or a coffee, I cant invite you to my store anymore than I have with out being a stalker! You are not required to make a purchase!

  2. Oh...I will take ANY me!! :) And I do have a group of people that I give booze to..along with my rum balls! I was going to come in this week and bring the toys that I have, but thought maybe you wanted me to wait for the 15th?