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Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Hey Hey's party planning time and with that we have the re birth of the party Nazi.  Well, party Nazi lite as I am really not going all out for this party and I am not going to stress if anyone shows up or not.  Hey-if they don't, that is just more Jell-O shots for me! Well...MAYBE that is a small lie as I do care if people show up or not, but I will at least not let it get to me as this is a busy time of year and my announcement of a Halloween party is a bit late.

I wasn't going to have one, but my dear friend Elle has been hounding me to get on the party planning track and since I skipped out on my luau, I felt as if I had to. 

I have never hosted a Halloween party before, and even at party Nazi lite I would like it to be kinda sorta kick what do I need to get this poppin?  Um yeah...I just said that.


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