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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The fear of public ruffle butt viewing.

Through some clever snooping and high level investigation (ok, I am just a friend on the facebook page) I have found out that the local burlesque school will be starting classes soon.

As we all know, my burlesque career was short lived-and by that I mean, never happened at all, but I have always wanted it to.  So with this little bit of new information, I am rather geeked up.

Or I was rather geeked up until I saw what my ass looked like in a pair of ruffle butt panties last night.  FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!  With the combo of the MD telling me that I could not work out and the vat of Halloween candy that I have been consuming the past few weeks-I am pretty sure that I would only be good at burlesque if I performed for blind people.  ACK!  Not ok.

So today I have vowed to get back on my workout kick and do my best to eat healthy and get rid of 15 pounds before I do the unthinkable and tape on some pasties.  Well, that is unless a group of blind people call and request a burlesque show sometime soon and hell--I say bring on candy!

PS-This butt is clearly my butt double-or inspiration.     

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