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Monday, October 25, 2010

Dear John Hughes...

You have forever messed up my dating life.  No.  Really.  It's true.

Yeah--so I know that he has passed away and everything, but if I were to ever write him a letter, that is how I would start it. 

And like I previously stated--it's true.

This week I spent a random night watching The Breakfast Club and that led to a random weekend of other 1980's classics that I have not seen in a minute.  Sixteen Candles, Say Anything, Pretty in Pink.  *Don't judge--I had a bit of free movie watching time this weekend while I set up the house for Halloween*

Anyway--after watching all of these movies, I was once again reminded that I am a true-hopeless-romantic and that the only person that I have to blame for this is John Hughes.

So to you Mr. Hughes, all I have to say is--bite me.
*and I may or may not have some Peter Gabriel playing on my Ipod as I write this*  

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