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Friday, October 15, 2010


On my 4th trip to the Halloween and or party store (don't ask) yesterday I observed an interesting interaction between a dad and his tween daughter.  And when I say interesting, I really mean-thank god that I have boys and never have to deal with this on my own-kinda of interesting.
Anyway--as I have posted already, Halloween is pretty much a time for the male portion of society to be as bloody as they can be while the female portion needs to be as slutty as they can possible be. 

Now, being a female myself (don't be all shocked by that!) and not really a small female at that, I have had to give the issue of the slut-tastic costume some thought from time to time.  Do I go with the super short french maid or something a bit more ass covering?  But as an adult-I feel that I able to make the right choice for me...and how fat I am feeling that particular year.  

So last night while on trip number lost count to the Spirit Halloween shop, I noticed a tween girl and her dad.  The girl was your typical 10-11 year old girl and her dad was the typical divorced, play dad two days a week kind of dad.  Nothing wrong with that-just setting up the scene for all of you that were not there.  The girl is walking around, looking at all the costumes while her dad (bless his heart) is doing his best to still be cool weekend dad, but not totally let his daughter get rapped while out collecting candy.  After much debate and batting of the eyes, they collectively go with some sort of modified french maid thing.  And I say modified as it looked almost like the adult version, but to make it "teen" they added some pink sparkly things to it.  But in the end, it was still  too short.  It was still too tight.  It was still too much for a 10 year my humble not having a daughter thoughts.  My heart really went out to the dad on this one.  I could tell by the look on his face that he really wanted her to be a fully covered clown with clothing to her feet, but he knew he was not going to win that war or any of the wars that would be faught from now until she was off to college. See--poor guy.

My biggest issue with picking out a costume with my kids this year was to go vampire or vampire zombie.   And honestly--thank goodness for that! to run.  My french maid/bar whench/sexy nurse/cop outfits just came in the mail....       

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