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Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I have moments when I will admit to being slightly obscure and random.  I am sure that most of the time no one on this planet has any clue of what it is that I am talking about even more so when it is something that has to do with the inner ramblings of what goes on in my house.

Take for example a conversation that I had with Forrest years ago.  I don't remember what  we were talking about or what we were doing (but in the back of my head I have a feeling as if Jeopardy was involved) but I know that what ever he had spewed from him mouth was wrong.  And not just a little wrong, but BIG wrong (again, I am thinking Jeopardy as we are highly competitive when it comes to that show) causing me to look at him, and with a straight face proclaim "You are wrong!  Wrong like the Nazi's WRONG!"  I have no idea where that came from or why I said it, but we both laughed and it became a "thing" around our house when ever someone was wrong about something.  Yes, I the outside world that may seem stupid, but to us, (and we still say it to each other) it was funny!

Flash forward a few years, and to Cooper.  Unlike his brother, the kid did not say a whole lot when he was younger.  There was even a brief stint with the speech therapist as a result of this, but now the kid wont shut up-so it has worked out.  But when he was little, he was more of a grunting to communicate kinda guy.  One night I was tucking him into bed, leaned down to say goodnight and told him that I loved him.  He just looked at me for a moment, pointed his finger to my eye and in a voice that was too deep for his 3 year old self said "Eyeball". That was all he said.  Turned over and went to sleep.
So in re-telling the story to Forrest, we started to use the word EYEBALL in the place of I love you.  Again-strange, but if you know me and my family-it works on so many levels!

To those of you out in the world that I adore, I say to you all "EYEBALL!"

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