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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Way to make me cry, lady.

Yesterday an almost complete stranger asked me why I was single.  Gee-I don't know?  Because I like to be sad an lonely?  Because I hate the human race?  Because dudes are douchbags?  Because it gives you a reason to ask me stupid fucking questions?

While most of these are true...somewhat....they are really not something I want to say to this person on the playground.  But the question did get me thinking...WHY AM I SINGLE?

I am sure that there are many issues that go into my being single, but here are just a few...

1) I want a guy that will make me laugh-haven't found that yet.
2) I want a guy that has a job...and pay taxes-haven't found that yet.
3) I want a guy that will let me be me (cuz we all know that I am GREAT!)-haven't found that yet.

But I think that the biggest issue is...ME.  I am hard to figure out.  I am not easy to read.  And I think that I need a guy who will understand that as independent as I am, I am still needy.  There are going to be times when I am going to break down and cry and all I am going to need from that guy is for him to hug me and let me do this.  I am emotionally high maintenance, but that just seems strange to tell a complete stranger when she asks "Why are you single?" 

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