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Thursday, September 23, 2010

It's cold out...a Hot Totti sounds nice

I would to proudly announce that I now officially have a derby name!  Yes my friends...A DERBY NAME!
Not that I am going to go and actually DO anything with name as I don't skate or anything, but I kinda felt like a tool adding my photo to the production part of the RCR website and just listing 'Tamara' when everyone else had super awesome names.  It was bad enough that I don't have some total kick ass skater type of photo :hangsheadinshameandtotalsuckage:

Last night at the meeting, I mentioned that I did not have a cool name (yes, please feel sorry for me...derby is rough!) and that it was hard to pick a cool one as I had worlds of trouble when I was trying to find a burlesque name.  Yes...I know...I keep coming back to the burlesque these days and I am thinking that it is a sign that I need to bring that dream back into my world.  Anyhow, I mentioned this, and told them my burlesque name - Hot Totti (Totti VonHoople if you want to all formal and stuff).
The room was in agreement that I should use

I PROUDLY ANNOUNCE THE RE-BIRTH OF HOT TOTTI--She is good people.  I think that you all will adore her!    

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