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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Mr. Z....I will always love you

Jay Z let me down this morning. Like hard core, slap in the face kind of let down. I’m sad about this-I truly am.

Okay-fine. I don’t actually know Mr. Z (but have always secretly felt that we would be super best buds if given the chance) and my interaction with him is purely one sided as in he is my GO TO music when I need to clear my head and drive fast.

I needed that this morning. I wanted that this morning. I didn’t get that this morning.

I did my best. I loaded in The Bluprint (the first one, as I am old school like that) and turned it up and got ready to enjoy some HO VA therapy, but I got jack. Nada. Nothing.

For the first time in forever, Jay did not clear my head. I heard the tunes and the words that usually always bring me down to a rational level and I waited for the warm rush of happy that he always brings me and it never happened. In fact, it pretty much had the Michael Bolton effect on me. I was agitated and almost snarky. WTH? How can this be?

I am baffled, but I am not giving up hope. I will try it again on the way home and see what the outcome is. Please Please Please Please Please Jay…don’t let me down as I would hate to have to switch to Yani :shudder at the thought:

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