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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Waldorf and Statler Summer Music Tour-moving into fall.

The start of the fall round of the WASSMT kicked off with Sara Bareilles this weekend.  While I love her and her music, the concert left me a bit..underwhelmed and bored.  Yes, bored.

Let me start off by saying that she sounds just as great in concert as she does on any of her recordings, if not better.  And in my opinion, that is the true mark of a great singer/songwriter (as anyone can sound good with help from the people mixing at the studio-even me!).  She sounded awesome.  She was cute and addressed the crowd with witty banter.  All good things.

But...I was still bored.

It was not Sara's fault, it was the crowd.  Not sure if it was the heat that we had in Portland that day or what, but the crowd was boring and lifeless and sucked all the energy right out of me.  And for me to be low energy at a KNOW something is off.

As I said, she was great and played a bunch of songs off of her new CD, Kaleidoscope Heart, that was just released this month.  Come to think of it-maybe that was the problem?  With the CD just coming out two weeks before the start of her tour, maybe the crowd did not know enough of the new songs and let the vibe drop when she sang them?  Or maybe...just maybe...every once in a while- PORTLAND KINDA SUCKS!

Ok-save the hate comments or blog posts telling me how wrong I am. Please.
I have lived here my whole life and I love Portland.  I honestly do.  But from time to time I think that the 'hipsters' that pride themselves on being here and running this city also make it boring.  COME ON PEOPLE-it's a live show with great music.  Would it kill you to smile and act like you are having a good time?  Really?

So-final review of the show....I love her and will see her again and continue to download her music and play it till I am sick of it or it makes me cry (prolly the later). But the crowd-left me wanting more.  Just saying!  

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