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Thursday, February 10, 2011


I have a strange way of remembering odd things about people.  Nothing important, but little quirky things that we might have spoken about once, in a bar or via txt...just random.
I can't name all the states in order or tell you who the 5th Presidentt was, but you wanna know someones fave drink- I got you covered!

Today I am in a rare selfish "ALL ABOUT ME" mood I want to see how well you know me.
Much like those stupid "Hey, do this and re post" posts on Facebook....we are going to play a game and see how well y'all know little old me.  I will send a prize to whoever gets the most correct...or makes me laugh the hardest.

1) What's my favorite movie?
2) What's my favorite food?
3) What basketball coach was my dog named after?
4)What is my favorite flower?
5) What is my favorite drink?
6)What is my favorite vacation spot?
7)What is my favorite color?
8)All my purses are....???
9)What nickname have I given to the new step mom?
10)What two songs are ALWAYS my ring tone on my phone (and fave songs?)
11)Why do I hate Valentine's Day (You score extra if you make me laugh on this one).

Ok kids--have at it :) 


  1. 1: Say Anything
    2:Chicken Fried Steak
    3:Tubby Smith
    4:The skunk from Bambi
    5:All of them(anything with Jameson in it)
    6:Any place with a warm beach
    7:Green(it's actually mine...just guessing)
    10:No sleep til Brooklyn and Little bitty tear by Burl Ives
    11:You've hated the day ever since the midget guy you were dating was strangled by his diaper while flying around the room imitating Cupid!

  2. Close, but it does not look like you know me all that well.


  3. Well we've only been pen pals for a few days so I'm hoping you're grading on a curve, but here goes...

    1) Say Anything (C'mon, it's OUR movie now:)
    2) A good hamburger (or anything in Ranch Dressing)
    3) Tubby. When he barks, does he say Rupp?
    4) Anything picked for you by your son.
    5) G&T
    6) Hawaii
    7) Green?
    8) Black (no clue)
    9) THE NOOKER! (I love that name)
    10) Theme from Greatest American Hero, on repeat? Something by Jay-Z? Sara? Avett Brothers?
    11) Pain me as it does because I'd like to think I'm a guy who can bring the funny, not playing on this one. Because despite the fact that I once got dumped on it, I like the day. Even though I think there shouldn't need to be a reason or a special day to do so, it gives me free license to be sappy and romantic. And you're a sappy romantic too, so when the time comes (and it will) that you meet a guy who can fully appreciate you AND you actually allow him too, I hope you'll feel the same way about it as I do. So there:P

  4. Person A-

    Please don't use the word appreciate. It reminds me a douchebag that said it, and makes me want to poke my eyes out when I hear it.

    Just saying.

  5. Point taken. The last thing I want to do is have to deal with the remnants of someone else's douchbaggery. Plus I kind of like your eyes, and were I the cause of said gouging I would feel responsible for carting you around town and don't want to get whacked in the shins with your white cane.

    It's possible I'll forget because I don't have words that trigger such a response so I'm not used to being on the lookout, but if I do it again feel free to give me the verbal equivalent of a groin punch. Seriously, I really do appreciate hints on how to navigate you.

    Oh...and help a guy out and give a little feedback on my answers. You're not the only one who feels tortured by curiosity :)

    All the best,
    Person A

  6. DAMN!!!! Damn damn damn!!!! I swear on a stack of bibles that my use of the "A-word" in the previous reply was completely unintentional. I really will try avoid said usage, but in exchange I think it is fair of me to ask that you also try not to associate me with some d-bag with whom I (hopefully) have little in common.

    So by any chance did Captain D-bag use that word like the manager in "Office Space"?