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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Where the hell is my easy button?

You ever have one of those days when just about everything you try to do

I am having one of those weeks...months...well, crap...pretty much all of 2011 so far.

My desk is covered with files.  My co worker just passed a test that took me twice to fail. And some random other organization wants me to give an hour long talk on what I do.  Which, I know I will suck at.

My house seems to be messy-all the time.  Some sort of communication breakdown is happening with me and the laundry.  My yard looks like it is one step away from being declared a wildlife sanctuary.  I don't even want to think about what might be growing in the shower.

I have completely slacked on the science fair project with Cooper.  And I have not really come up with any new and exciting outings or activities to do with the boys in forever.

And as much as I feel like a bad mom, I also feel like a horrible friend.  I have let people down and just not really been the shoulder to lean on that I normally am.

My to do list is so long that I can't even think about it.
I have gained a ton of weight, and must really work some time in at the gym.

UGH.  I am hosting my own personal pity party as I feel like I suck at everything in life at the moment. SUCK.

So, if I have let any of you down, and not been the person that I should have been lately, I am sorry.  And in the next coming months I promise to work on it.  Not saying that I will be very good at it...but it is something that is on my ever growing to do list!


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  1. You are WAY too hard on yourself, and WAY too closed off to possibilities around you that might render an "Easy" a little less necessary. And that makes me a little sad.

    As one of your eight(ish) loyal readers, I would love nothing more than to read that you're learning how to let yourself be happy. deserve it. But in the mean time, could you tide me over with just a tiny little morsel? Maybe in the form of cutting yourself a little slack for a moment of human frailty? Because from my perspective you're far more beautiful than you realize, and wish you could see the world through my eyes.