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Monday, January 24, 2011

Feeling guilty

No, this time I am not channeling my inner Jewish mother or feeling the need to say 'I'm sorry' for something that I have done to piss someone off (although that happens alot these days) but I am talking about guilty pleasures.

I have a few...

Stomp the Yard
Bridal magazines
Shel Silverstien books
Eating chips in bed for breakfast
Dancing around my house when no one else is home

What are some of yours????  Don't worry, I wont tell anyone :)


  1. Zombie Movies. Good ones, bad ones, ALL OF THEM.

  2. I think that Jersey Shore is more of a mainstream GP these days!

    Zombie movies is a good one.

    I few weeks back I was not feeling well and stuck at home and in bed and I ended up watching EVERY Tyler Perry movie known to man. So I think that I must add Tyler Perry movies to my list!