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Monday, January 31, 2011

Maybe it's me?

One of the first things that we learn as a child is how to form and stand in a line.  So why is it that as adults we forget this skill?

Recently I had to make a trip to the post office.  I am not one of those people that hates the post office.  In fact, I rather enjoy the post office.  But I never really have anything too complicated to mail and I always seem to go in the morning, so there is never much of a wait.

So I did not go into the post office with a sour outlook on the chore at hand.

I go in and take my place in line.  I am about three back.  There is a couple of men in front of me, but they are working on re-addressing a large box, so they give me the go ahead to go in front of them.  I smile, and say thanks and make my way to the next open window.  The postal worker is making eye contact with me, has given me the go ahead to be helped by her...and all seems fine.

All of the sudden, out of nowhere I feel someone next to me.  I look over, as does the postal worker.  The postal worker gives me a strange look that says "where did this person come from?".  We both look back at the person who is all of the sudden within my personal bubble. 
"I need to mail this....NOW"
"Um...if you would like to get in line, we will help you in a moment"
"Now.  I need to mail this NOW!"
"Yes, please take you place in line and we will be right with you"

At this point the rude line jumper turns away from the the postal worker and glares at me.  Full on eye contact.  She doesn't look away.  She holds the glare at me as if I just ran over her puppy or something. It was creepy.
Now, most of the time I would have been nice, offered my spot in line since she was in a hurry, but it just didn't feel right to be nice in this case.  Maybe it was the death glare that I was getting or the fact that she just skipped the whole  line, but I just wasn't going to give in this time.
I looked back at her, took my place at the window, set my mail on the counter and full on stepped in front of her.  Following my lead, the poster worker looked at me with a smile and started some friendly banter.

I could feel the anger from the woman next to me.  The heat that this person was giving off could have roasted s'mores.  She made some strange gurgling sound, grabbed her package and stomped off to her place at the end of the line.  I giggled.

So maybe it was just me, but how hard is it to wait in line for 30 seconds?

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  1. Wowsers!! That was one angry, entitled lady. I say that you handled it just fine. If that's how she rolls through life, I'd imagine she sure doesn't have much fun, happiness or joy. But at least you do:).